X Factor/Early July

I just listened to Aimee Mullins’ TED-MD talk. She talked about adversity as a necessity for development and happiness, not something to avoid. As a double amputee, Aimee could wither and complain. She instead chooses to grow and give. The obstetrician who delivered Aimee followed her course in life, marveling at how she contradicted the […]

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Planting/Late June

We were on a family trip to Plymouth, MA and Plimoth Plantation during the kids last week of school. It was amazing to learn the history of the Pilgrims, how they were really a separatist, fundamentalist Christian sect. They landed at ground zero of a plague in 1620 which had wiped out the native population, […]

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DEFINITELY It’s the day set aside to think about our fathers, and that I did. So thankful for my dad, Joe Fayocavitz, who never doubted me one day in my 42 years of life. And my husband Scott, who for the last 25 years, has carried that same torch, also fiercely defending my dreams. AUDACIOUS […]

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