Early November/The best

It’s birthday time now for my kids and husband, everyone is turning 6, 41, 8 and 5 this month and next. It’s beyond measure to be in the moment and watch my Clare’s eyes as she slips on her new roller skates (blue/pink with silver wings!). I can’t remember my 6th birthday but it’s such […]

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Solar Plexus/Mid-October

I have really enjoyed reading Haanel’s words again relating to the solar plexus as the seat of the subconscious and our internal sun/energy source. This makes even more sense to me in 2018 as I’ve linked the microbiome of the soil (my DMP is improve it!) with our bodies’ microbiome in the gut, and the […]

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Dressers/Fall Equinox

It’s been 9 months, but I got socks out of a dresser drawer yesterday morning. My husband picked up beautiful, vintage, family heritage set of dressers for us this week from his Aunt Dorothy. I can’t express how wonderful this feels. Both to be able to find socks easily and not search through a large […]

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In flight/Early September

It’s hard to stay in the awareness that each moment that we have is a complete miracle. A total, 100% miracle. That we can breathe and move and be on the plant, now, together. I talked to my seat mate last night on the flight from Grand Rapids to Newark. Alex. He had been a […]

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In the moment/mid August

I forgot how much I loved August! Since we moved to the property up here in January, each month and season has been more palpable because we are so much more in the elements–shoveling snow, cutting the grass, planting the garden, swimming in the pool. Each activity requires hands-on work and being outside. I like […]

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X Factor/Early July

I just listened to Aimee Mullins’ TED-MD talk. She talked about adversity as a necessity for development and happiness, not something to avoid. As a double amputee, Aimee could wither and complain. She instead chooses to grow and give. The obstetrician who delivered Aimee followed her course in life, marveling at how she contradicted the […]

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Planting/Late June

We were on a family trip to Plymouth, MA and Plimoth Plantation during the kids last week of school. It was amazing to learn the history of the Pilgrims, how they were really a separatist, fundamentalist Christian sect. They landed at ground zero of a plague in 1620 which had wiped out the native population, […]

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