Week 23 MKE 2020-21

It’s closing in on the home stretch, the new habits are paying off. Congratulations to this year’s Heroes on making it to the 2nd to last week! I’m on my 4th year of MKE effort and each year, it’s new. I am seeing right now for what feel like the first time that you have […]

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Week 17 MKE 2020-21

Not a regular week around here! New US leadership was inaugurated, and a day later, on the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st Century, one of my big DMP dreams came to life! I envisioned having a network of food waste digesters and the first arrived on Thursday, 1/21/21. This HORSE has […]

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Week 16 MKE 2020-21

I had a 12 week hiatus! In mid-October a work project started out of the blue and even my mid-week Wednesday blog posting/reading routine was challenged! So glad to be back on Kindness Week! The practice of focusing on what we want to grow, there’s nothing like it, and I’m so proud of each person’s […]

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Week 4 MKE 2020-21

SMART Goals! I love the new habits that come into our lives to support our future selves! It’s the small things I notice…like eating meals with love, going to bed happy, waking up chipper, giving thanks abundantly, exercising to grow stronger, caring for children and animals, honoring each other, sitting in silence, walking with purpose, […]

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Week 3 MKE 2020-21

Be of service to the world. How best can we each do that? If we start each day with this in mind, it feels like a bright future with the sunshine in our eyes. Being our best selves is the best gift to us, our family, our friends, our community and the world. All heroes […]

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Week 2 MKE 2020-21

Turn on and tune in! As soon as Mark mentioned blue rectangles last week, I saw 3 nearly immediately. I also realized that all the street signs with house numbers in our town are blue rectangles. They were always there; I just turned on and tuned in. It’s the practice for all of us to […]

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Week 1 MKE 2020-21

It feels like the night before a big birthday! It’s the start of my 4th year with MKE. I was in the 2017 cohort as a student, then I was an Intern Guide in 2018, a Certified Guide in 2019 and now a Master Guide in 2020! I could not be more thankful! I have […]

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Transcendence, Week 24 MKE, 2020

It’s 6 months later, we are transformed again. Transcendence. Moving into our true selves. Takes work. Not the path of least resistance, but then again, it is governed by The Law of Least Effort. The path becomes clear and we take it. Here are my three bikers, we are in 14 days of quarantine. I […]

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