WOW, Week 3 MKE, 2019

I have been a frequent flyer in October–work trips all over the east and west. I met 30 city environmental leaders from 20+ states this week alone! I am also fully enjoying my time even more with Scotty and our kids (who all have birthdays in the next 8 weeks!) when I am home. Everyone […]

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Rainbows, Week 2 MKE, 2019

It has not been all rainbows around here, but maybe it has despite tough times. And yesterday I drove through the middle of a big one on the way to the airport for a new project interview in Cleveland. My neighbor posted a beautiful shot of it, and this is my street! Photo credit: Malinde […]

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Sam, Week 1 MKE, 2019

This is blinking blankly and I wish I were writing a tribute to the start of Jewish New Year and an MKE year and the sale of a rental house this Friday on YOUR street that has eluded us for two years and the first of my 9 grants that I have so vigorously talked […]

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March 2019/Cleo

March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. Our 5-year old William said it at the end of February and has he been right! Weather-wise, yes, but the storms of life raged on the very first day of this third month of 2019. Our friend and her dogs had been staying with […]

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Mid January 2019/Ascension

The intensity of MKE Guide work coupled with my personal efforts is wildly escalating my hero’s journey. I can feel an ascension, as if I am rising up to myself. It’s not time to be shy, it’s time to go boldly. I see the obstacles before me as gifts. I am most continually in a […]

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Early November/The best

It’s birthday time now for my kids and husband, everyone is turning 6, 41, 8 and 5 this month and next. It’s beyond measure to be in the moment and watch my Clare’s eyes as she slips on her new roller skates (blue/pink with silver wings!). I can’t remember my 6th birthday but it’s such […]

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