March 2019/Cleo

March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. Our 5-year old William said it at the end of February and has he been right! Weather-wise, yes, but the storms of life raged on the very first day of this third month of 2019. Our friend and her dogs had been staying with […]

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Mid January 2019/Ascension

The intensity of MKE Guide work coupled with my personal efforts is wildly escalating my hero’s journey. I can feel an ascension, as if I am rising up to myself. It’s not time to be shy, it’s time to go boldly. I see the obstacles before me as gifts. I am most continually in a […]

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Early November/The best

It’s birthday time now for my kids and husband, everyone is turning 6, 41, 8 and 5 this month and next. It’s beyond measure to be in the moment and watch my Clare’s eyes as she slips on her new roller skates (blue/pink with silver wings!). I can’t remember my 6th birthday but it’s such […]

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Solar Plexus/Mid-October

I have really enjoyed reading Haanel’s words again relating to the solar plexus as the seat of the subconscious and our internal sun/energy source. This makes even more sense to me in 2018 as I’ve linked the microbiome of the soil (my DMP is improve it!) with our bodies’ microbiome in the gut, and the […]

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Dressers/Fall Equinox

It’s been 9 months, but I got socks out of a dresser drawer yesterday morning. My husband picked up beautiful, vintage, family heritage set of dressers for us this week from his Aunt Dorothy. I can’t express how wonderful this feels. Both to be able to find socks easily and not search through a large […]

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